Parent Testimonials

Teacher Excellence

"The teachers at New Beginnings are truly extraordinary.  We have been impressed with their diversity of perspectives, and their focus on social, emotional and academic development, and their ability to genuinely connect and create strong relationships with the children.  New Beginnings teachers have enriched the lives of our 3 children and continue to be a positive influence even after they have moved up to the next classroom or have graduated from the school."

 -- Jennifer B., New Beginnings Parent

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

"As a parent and an educator, I was drawn to the fact that New Beginnings places a premium on educating students at the social-emotional level. Though it is a plus when kids can learn things like numbers and letters early on, what I really want my children to practice at this age is how to play with others and how to codify their own emotions. The staff are eager to engage students on these topics.  The curriculum is very much paced at the speed of the individual, and teachers listen to the needs of specific preschoolers."

-- Laura D., New Beginnings Parent

Community of Families

"We moved to the area from the East Coast, and when my son and daughter started at New Beginnings, we met so many wonderful families and really formed a community of parents and children that quickly became the basis for our social group.  New Beginnings is a very family-focused school, where parents can get as involved as they would like.  We are so happy to be a New Beginnings family!"

-- Cristina G., New Beginnings Parent

Physical Environment

"Beyond its high quality and nurturing teachers, New Beginnings really focuses on creating a safe, clean, and stimulating classroom environment.  Being an elementary teacher myself, I had very high standards for my son’s preschool and I’m so glad we found New Beginnings.  The classrooms are always stocked with the newest developmentally appropriate activities, toys and games, which are cleaned daily.  We are so thankful the staff and director take the time to really think about the needs of our children and what will set them up for success in their education."

-- Lauren S., New Beginnings Parent

Special Events

"Perhaps one of the most special things about New Beginnings is the community of families and the school’s emphasis on engaging them in special school-wide events.  Each year, parents are invited to attend and participate in a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas recital, holiday and birthday parties in the classroom, and Mother's and Father's Day luncheons - just to name a few.  These types of events really bring the school together to celebrate special times and foster a closeness between the children, teachers, and parents.  We are so happy that both our children have been able to experience New Beginning and be part of this incredible community."

-- Erika E., New Beginnings Parent

Kindergarten Readiness

"From the moment we toured New Beginnings, we could tell it was a special place and a great fit for our children. It's warm, friendly, safe, and fun.  At the same time, it places a developmentally appropriate level of emphasis on academic learning and on preparing children socially and emotionally for kindergarten and beyond.  Our son loved New Beginnings, especially his teachers, and entered kindergarten extremely well prepared -- knowing how to read, write, and basic math.  We could not recommend this wonderful school and its community any more highly!"

-- Aly G., New Beginnings Parent