Explorers (Young 5s) Program Overview

New Beginnings' Explorers Program is for children who turn five (5) by December 1, but who are not yet attending kindergarten (due to age, readiness, or otherwise).  The program allows five year old children the opportunity to socialize with their peers, to explore various art media, and to enjoy learning through music, stories, and play.  The Young Fives use a curriculum called “A Beka”.

Children registered for the Explorers Class are required to attend school five days per week.  Class is held from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Program Goals and Objectives

We want children in the New Beginnings 5s program to feel comfortable and secure, attending class in an atmosphere of love and acceptance that encourages and supports the growth and development of the whole child: physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.  Children will work on skills that enrich and prepare him/her for kindergarten confidence:

  • Modeled Christian Values will be taught daily through Bible stories, songs, and finger plays.  Four year olds will participate in chapel one to two days per week, and there will be prayer before snack and lunch times.

  • Language Skills: Teachers help the child develop language and listening skills through the use of music. Music not only enhances language development, but also encourages listening skills and a love of music.

  • Literature: Teachers introduce children to a varied selection of literature and help them write stories one-on-one.  When the class listens to a story, teachers point out the story’s beginning, middle, and end.  Teachers use the interactive method of storytelling to help develop the children’s attention spans.  Teachers also help the children discuss the story’s outcome to check that they really understand what they hear.

  • Math Skills: The children manipulate objects that introduce and enhance understanding of mathematical concepts through patterning, size classification, numeral recognition, counting by 2s, 5s and 10s, and sorting.  They will know the value of numbers (i.e., greater or lesser).

  • Science Skills: Children will learn to explore the world by using and understanding the use of magnets, scales, and magnifying glasses. Children will also learn about observing, classifying, collecting, measuring, identifying, and predicting and evaluating the outcome of their experience. Cooking projects may take place during a specific theme, which will put into practice your child’s awareness, math, and science skills. 

  • Fine Motor Skills: As a Young Five, your child will further develop his/her ability to use a pencil or color crayons, use scissors, trace objects, string beads, and construct puzzles and manipulative games.

  • Readiness Skills: The Young Fives will learn to write their first and last names, recognize all the letters of the alphabet, identify the initial consonant sounds both in spoken and written words, and will be able to recite their address and phone number. They will be able to recite and recognize by sight the days of the week and months of the year.