Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Explorers Newsletter

Welcome to the Young Five's Class!  This year will be a wonderful, life-changing experience for your child and for your family.  Before your eyes, your child will transform academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Surrounded with teachers and peers who support and encourage him, your child will run into school as if it is his second home.  This letter will hopefully give you a brief synopsis of what to expect this school year and what my goals are for your child individually.

Starting off the year, we will begin with the basics of all the fundamentals, shapes and colors-something that most children are comfortable with.  From here, your child will dive into the world of exploration through hands-on materials and interactive play through poems, stories, finger plays and felt stories.  This year is truly a turning point in a child's life, when children are beginning to understand the distinction between what is real and what is pretend.  Since it is such a magical time, my main goal is to stretch out their imaginative play and beliefs as long as possible.  During this time, nightmares and bad dreams are beginning to take hold and create many restless nights.  To reduce the anxiety of fears, we will research "scary" things such as: owls, bats, spiders and bugs and will understand that God has simply put these animals in our lives to keep other bugs from hurting us or over-populating.  When presented in a safe environment and in a fun manner, your child will understand the purposes for the things that might haunt his dreams.

Socially and emotionally, I want your child to feel like a rock star by the end of the school year!  They might walk in with their head held low and not think that they could have a friend in the world; but by the end of the year your child will be talking to children at the park and will have self-esteem that shoots through the roof.  This year, your child will become so confident in every aspect of his life.  My main goal by the end of the school year is that your child has excelled so highly in academics that the only focus in kindergarten will be on a social level, making new friends and new relationships.  Throughout the year, your child will be immersed through play learning all the letters of the alphabet, reading blends, one vowel words, two vowel words and reading a short story in a fluid manner.  Your child will begin to sound out streets signs, t-shirt logos, and bill boards while driving or walking down the street.  These life changes will surprises you as they are all learned through play and are taught in a fun manner!  I look forward to sharing these exciting experiences with you and your family!




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