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Three Year Olds


Three Year Olds

Curriculum Overview


New Beginnings “Three Year Olds Program” is designed to give children a “first school” experience. The program allows three-year-old children the opportunity to socialize with their peers, to explore various art media, and to enjoy learning through music, stories, and play.

Goals and Objectives

¨ Modeled Christian Values will be taught daily through Bible stories, songs, and finger-plays. Three-year olds will participate in Chapel two days a week and there will be prayer before snack and lunchtime.

¨ Teacher-Directed Activities provide the framework for the three-year-old program. Not only do children learn classroom etiquette, they also practice following directions and participating in group activities. Through listening to stories, participating in discussions and music, and by helping to clean up at the end of each activity, they work towards cooperative learning.

¨ Social Skills: Caring, welcoming teachers help the children feel comfortable and secure in the classroom. Teacher-directed activities help children improve their verbal skills; playtime fosters peer relationships. They also learn appropriate communication skills to facilitate relating to their teachers and peers, verbalizing their needs, wants, likes, and dislikes, and sharing and playing with others.

¨ Arts and Crafts: Teachers encourage the children to participate in daily art activities using a variety of media. Participation is not mandatory, but encouraged.

¨ Motor Skills: Teachers model how to use scissors, pencils, and crayons, and construct puzzles. Children are given ample opportunity to practice these skills daily. Outdoor and indoor playtime activities, such as jumping, hopping, skipping, and running are designed to help children exercise their large muscles and develop good coordination skills.

¨ Readiness Skills: Teachers in the three-year-old program work as a team to help children develop some of the skills they’ll need to be ready for school. Children work on recognizing the printed version of their first names, counting to 10, identifying simple shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, and hearts, they will learn at least five colors, the numbers from one to ten, and begin to recognize letters and sounds of the alphabet.


Most of all, we want children to get excited about school

because they experience learning as fun!

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